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[01/1/09 7:01pm]

[ mood | confused ]

i have a question does it seem wierd that i relate to my youth pastor. see i have such a great youth pastor and well since my real father never wanted me. he aint aroud. soo my youth pastor like my dad. ive only known him for 2 months in a half and well i relate and like being around him. does it seam wierd. on sundays when i praise in the pews my youth pastor will just say i praise you Lord and ill say it too but have no idea he was going to say it. i wanna tell him how i feel but im not ready and ill feel imbarresed. what should i do.

[12/19/05 1:29pm]

i quit this jurnal.

[12/15/05 5:28pm]

[ mood | mad ]

ok look i check all comments and since no one ask for advice i will give it when someone writes duh soo if u dont add me because i dont write often that means cause no one ask for advice soo you can add me and when you do need me its on your lj info and click then ask. ok thanks. also visit me at godswonder or hney_11

[12/9/05 2:42am]

[ mood | lonly ]

i feel like no one reads my post. and when people have like 60 comments i only have 2 in my hole entry. i guess im lonly.

[12/3/05 5:25pm]

[ mood | calm ]

were there a promblem theres a soulution.

[12/2/05 5:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hi it me the advice chick soo any one need advice. to let u know i dont care who joines as long as there willing to stick to the rules any way thankss alot for joining if you made a dissicion tooo. and dont forget to telll your friends about me. your helper axdxvxixcxex

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